Pumpa, Marrow Table Dainty

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  • 170431-frö-Pumpa-Marrow-Table-Dainty-Seeds

Produktbeskrivning för Pumpa, Marrow Table Dainty

Medium-sized fruits striped pale and dark green. Early maturing, and excellent for exhibition. Trailing variety.

Culture: In May or June sow 2 or 3 seeds where intended to grow and thin out to the strongest seedling, allowing approximately 60cm each way for bush and 90cm for trailing varieties. Can also be sown in April and early May under glass for growing outdoors. (16 weeks maturity.)

Marrows are at their best while small and tender, and plants are more productive if fruits are cut often. HEALTH BENEFITS: High in vitamins A, C and E. CULINARY TIPS: Lovely steamed; try flowers in summer salads.

Artikelnummer: 170431
Innehåller antal fröer: 20
Levarantör: Suttons

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