Kål - Golden Acre Primo (11)

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Produktbeskrivning för Kål - Golden Acre Primo (11)

Heads of medium size all summer An easy to grow cabbage that produces medium-sized, firm round heads maturing in summer and early autumn. Make several sowings for continuous crops. Delicious cooked or try shredded raw in salads.

Culture: Sow thinly March-June direct into a finely raked seedbed at a depth of 13mm (½"). Germination 12-20 days. Transplant with a trowel when large enough to handle allowing 38cm (15") between plants each way. Can also be sown January-February in a propagator, on a windowsill or in a greenhouse at approx. 10-15°C (50-60°F) using a quality compost. Cover seeds with 6mm (¼") sieved compost. Transplant seedlings into 75mm (3") pots, grow on and finally plant out. Sowing to harvest in 16-18 weeks.

HEALTH BENEFITS: A good source of vitamins A and C. CULINARY TIPS: Use all the healthy outer, darker green leaves, as they contain most nutrients.

Innehåller 250 frön. OBS - Endast engelsk text på fröpåsen!

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