Tomat Marmande

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Tomat Marmande

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Continental outdoor variety. Large, irregular fruits with firm flesh and few seeds. Distinctive flavour. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. (Cordon variety - one stem grown by pinching off side-shoots as they appear, needs staking and tying in.)

Sow in a propagator on a windowsill or a greenhouse at approximately 18-21°C using a quality compost. Germination 8-12 days. Cover seeds with 6mm sieved compost. Transplant seedlings singly into 75mm pots, planting out when frost risk has passed.  Allow 90cm between plants each way. Water and feed regularly after first flowers have set. Removal of side shoots or trimming is not necessary unless growth is too rampant. Sowing to Cropping: 19-20 weeks.

Ideal for small spaces - pots and baskets, windowsills, raised beds and containers. HEALTH BENEFITS: Packed with antioxidants including vitamins A and C.

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