Grönkål, Dwarf Green Curled

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Grönkål, Dwarf Green Curled

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  • 166112-frö-Grönkål-Kale-Dwarf-Green-Curled-Seeds

Produktbeskrivning för Grönkål, Dwarf Green Curled

Dark green, densely curled leaves. The plants are dwarf growing and compact in habit. Very winter hardy.

Tom says: Kale has had a huge resurgence in recent years thanks to it’s incredibly high nutritional values, so much so that we’ve seen headlines like “Kale shortage imminent”. Easy to grow, incredibly productive and with a multitude of colours and leaf shapes… what’s not to like?

Culture: Sow April-May outdoors. (28-32 weeks maturity.)

The most reliable, nutritious winter vegetable. Withstands adverse weather conditions to yield a good crop of delicious young foliage and sideshoots in late winter and spring. HEALTH BENEFITS: High levels of vitamin A and C. CULINARY TIPS: To retain maximum nutrient levels, lightly steam or stir-fry.

Artikelnummer: 166112
Innehåller antal fröer: 400
Levarantör: Suttons

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