Axcelosia, Celosia - Flamingo Feather

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Axcelosia, Celosia - Flamingo Feather

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Produktbeskrivning för Axcelosia, Celosia - Flamingo Feather

A trendy, eye-catching feature plant for bedding displays. Tall, slender, feathery flower spikes that are great for bouquets, fresh or dried. Dramatic flower spikes that will extend your season of colour. Height 1m. HA - Hardy annual.

Sow at 15-20°C in pots or trays using a good quality compost, covering the seed lightly with  a sprinkle of compost, or vermiculite.
Place in a polythene bag or propagator and keep the compost moist at all times. Germination normally takes 14-21 days.
When the seedlings are large enough to handle transfer into pots or trays and grow on in cooler conditions. When the risk of frost has passed, acclimatise them to outdoor conditions over 14-21 days before planting out in their final flowering positions, 30-38cm apart.

Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers. Pot plant for glasshouse or home. Suitable for cutting. Prefers full sun or partial shade.

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