Alströmerian - High Society Mix

29,75 kr

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Alströmerian - High Society Mix

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Trumpet-like flowers. Clusters of pink, rose, yellow and orange flowers on long stems. Good in arrangements. Exotic, trumpet-like blooms. FlowersJune-August. HP - Hardy perennial. Height 60cm.

Soak seed in warm water prior to sowing. Sow May/June in pots in a greenhouse, coldframe or indoors. Maintain 25°C for 4-5 weeks then lower to 10°C. Germination can be slow and erratic, 40-60 days. Transplant to a site in full sun or partial shade in autumn to begin flowering the following year. When established, plant out 40cm (16") apart in a sunny position. Protect the plants from frost during winter. May also be sown direct outside in autumn.
Ideal for beds and borders. Drought resistant. Prefers full sun or partial shade.

Innehåller ca 35 frön. OBS - Endast engelsk text på fröpåsen! 

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